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Hair Loss For Men

There are many causes of hair loss, and this differs greatly between men and women. Studies show that it is normal to lose between 100-150 hairs a day. In general, most hair loss is not associated with systemic diseases or poor nutrition, but as a result of genetic factors. However factors such as stress, nutritional and hormonal changes may increase the loss of hair.

More and more men who are concerned about hair loss and are in search of products and treatments to stop it. There are several products that work as well as others are myths. Actually, there is a quite restricted effective treatment for baldness in men.

Best Hair Loss Treatment For Men.

The pill to prevent hairloss.

One of the best known hair loss treatment for men medications is Finasteride, better known as Propecia, which is taken in doses daily of 1 mg. This medication works by reducing levels of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), and helps stop hairloss for most men. Also frequently reaches a sign of hair growth.
According to Dr. Robert, Connect scientific professor at Columbia University "The data information prove that, for five years, hairloss is significantly behind with 85% of individuals. "

The two finasteride & minoxidil (Rogaine), only products approved by the FDA for hairloss, necessitate a commitment. If the person fails any of these treatment progress decreases. Within months, you can lose everything and regenerated hair will not grow again.
Finasteride has possible side effects in relation to sexual desire. A small percentage of men knowledge decreased libido & other issues, however this is hard to find and usually temporary.

Liquid FDA hair loss treatment for men.

At First used to deal with high blood pressure levels, minoxidil is the first drug accepted by the FDA to cure baldness in males. By using Rogaine straight to the scalp two times a day can stimulate growth. Negative effects of minoxidil its restricted to occasional itching and dryness on the scalp.

Hair transplants: hair loss treatment for men.

The great news is that hair transplants are no longer seen as "doll hair", however they have a very high cost. The person who receives a transplant has on average several grafts - removed strips hair of the denser areas of the head - at a price of a couple of thousands of dollars. The price goes on to increase when patients return to add more thickness in the following years.

Wig or toupee.

Just like hair transplants, the toupee causes an out-of-date and unpleasant picture. However today has advanced and you cannot tell if someone has a wig or a toupee. The Usa Hair Association studies shows that over 70% of people are satisfied with their knowledge in the hair substitution salons.

Alternative hairloss remedies: hair loss treatment for men.

According to Bernstein "There has never become a particular research to show that the work of alternative hair loss remedies is effective." Many people spend money on shampoos, magic cream hairloss, not even approved by the FDA, instead of spending money on something that it is proven to actually work.

Laser combs: The best hair loss treatment for men.

The laser comb lately became the third treatment for hairloss in receiving FDA authorization. And it's the first time that no drugs or surgery are used. Follicle stimulating laser at a low level, and in examine testes showed that it increases the volume of hair in most patients.

In the future, scientists are seeking a cure for baldness and hair cloning. By cultivating and successfully implementing new hair tissues, physicians can stimulate the growth of follicles where there was none before. Let's wait some scientific obstacles for approval like cost restrictions, but someday it can happen.

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